Avinash K Arvind” is India’s favourite Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Life Coach serving from year 2000 and successfully benefited lakhs people from all age groups. Avinash K Arvind is a renowned ” Motivational Speaker in Rajasthan | Motivational Speaker in India | Interview & Group Discussion Trainer | Campus to Corporate Trainer |
Spoken English | GD-PI, Campus to Corporate | Behaviour Training | Staff  Development Training in Corporate | Motivational Trainer in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Bangalore  | BBC trained |Corporate Trainer in Jaipur | Global English Trainer in Jaipur |  Soft Skills Trainer in Jaipur. His motivational training workshops and Motivational Keynote Speeches have a plan of action yet full of humour. His sessions are designed to generate tremendous dynamism and wisdom into the participants, to make them more responsible, accountable & efficient.

His areas are: Spoken English, GD-PI, Campus to Corporate, Behaviour Training, Global Communication Skills, CRM – Customer Service, Behavior Body Language, Dressing Sense, Confidence Building, Positive Attitude, Human Relations, Time Management, Stress Management, Leadership, Team Building, Anger Management, soft skills, Business English, business etiquette, business writing, CRM customer service consulting, sales training, Yoga and Meditation. He also conducts MDP, Staff Development Programs for companies and corporate. 99 % of our country’s educated youth lacks in Corporate Soft Skills. He conducts CRT – Campus To Corporate Training Program for college students & Faculty Development Programs for Professors.

Avinash’s delivery style is Interactive, Entertaining, humorous and Effective. He is extremely popular amongst his audience. His seminars and workshops are well- known for their high quality content backed by his unique and entertaining style of delivery. His energizing sessions are insightful and stimulate participants to unleash their innate energies to fulfill their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence. He is a favorite Motivational Speaker In Schools, Colleges, Corporate, NGO’s and Number of Educational Institutes. Mr. Avinash K Arvind is one of the finest speakers and experiential trainer who has trained elite professionals in hundreds of corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Teachers and Students have been benefited by his training and coaching programs.

Our training and consultancy helps individuals and organizations to build the right skill levels amongst workforce to support various tasks, jobs, projects and assignments. It covers a range of domains to take care of your organization’s total training requirements. We work with you as your training partner to extend a range of services including: assessing training needs, designing, developing, delivering, administering and even evaluating corporate training solutions. Blending technology with traditional methods, these customized  training solutions will boost the skill base in you and your organization. We are about business training and consulting works, the onsite training provider, soft-skills training company. Whether you need a one-day onsite training course, full-service consulting, or if you are not really sure which solution will work, we can help. For over two decades we have been working hard on soft skills training with customised modules.

Our USPs:

  1. Unlike some seminar companies and training groups, we won’t just send you a talking head with a Power Point presentation. The audience will leave charged with a clear action plan. 
  2. We can customize training and coaching to your group’s needs and answer questions beyond what is covered in the workbook.
  3. We believe in:
  4. Providing comprehensive information about our content, pricing, and facilitators.  We are one of the only companies openly sharing our fees, program outlines, etc.
  5. Being fair:
  6. We charge you based on the kind of work we do for you, not what we think you might be willing to pay.
  7. Helping you determine whether we are the right service provider for you.  If we’re not a good fit, we’ll do our best to recommend someone else or to find you a suitable resource.
  8. Partnering with you to set realistic goals and expectations about what you can expect after a training session, keynote, etc.
  9. Matching your project with us.  Experience has taught us that compatibility is a critical factor to success.
  10. Building relationships with people who want to work with us.  You will not receive endless phone calls from us simply because you requested some basic information about a class, seminar, or workshop. We are registered among MSME business in India.
  11. What makes our Training Programs unique is that trainees leave our session with an action plan, which can be implemented immediately.

Youth and Corporate Training

Highly educated Indian unemployed youth is becoming an issue in our country. In present scenario of professional world only academic education is not enough for a Candidate. Our formal education system in schools and colleges especially in communication has been directed at reading and writing only but they are least used in the workplace. After completion of any academic course (BA, Btech, BBA, BCom, BArch, BSC etc) the College passed students are not getting suitable jobs or self employment due to lack of Spoken English, GD-PI, Manners, Behaviour, Body Language, Clothing, Grooming, Attitude, Corporate Communication, Soft Skills and lakhs of Rupees invested on their education becomes vain. Only 18.43% of engineers who graduated in 2018 are employable in jobs. Only 20% of Indian population can speak in English, of which only 2% are considered fair and not correct at pronunciation. Around 47% graduates are not employable for any job due to lack of English language skills. 75% technical graduates in India are not ready for jobs. IPA Fluent English speakers earn 34% more than others. We can help you earn more.

The present Scenario. Solution lies in training and Coaching them properly. Candidates, Professionals, Executives and Corporate who can express their ideas professionally well and who understands verbal instructions make fewer mistakes, adjust more easily to change and more readily absorb new ideas than those who do not.

Promotion for Professionals, Executives and Corporate. If you are looking for that promotion but not getting it even after years of hard work then you can qualify for it  by training in Global Verbal Communication and listening because these skills contribute to an employee’s success in all of the following areas: making presentations, interviewing, conducting meetings, negotiating and resolving conflict, selling, CRM, leading, being assertive, teaching or coaching others, working in a team, giving supervisors feedback about conversations with customers and retraining. Employees spend most of the day communicating and the time they spend on discussions will increase as robots, computers, and other machines take over mundane, repetitive jobs.

Our Founder and Director

Mr Avinash K Arvind​

Some of our Advisors who guide us from time to time:

  1. Prof. H S Vyas, Ex VC IIM Ahd, Member-World Bank
  2. Prof. A K Ojha, IAS-Retd, Ex Dir – OTS – Officers Training School
  3. Prof. C K Sharma, IIM Ahmedabad
  4. Mr Gangwal, Ex GM Apex Bank
  5. Mr Ashok Atreye, VOA, Journalist, Artist & a Writer
  6. Mr Hemant Gupta, PA Civil Supplies Retd.
  7. Mr S N Sharma, IPS- IB Ex Director- Rajasthan

In Hindi Majrooh Sultaanpuri has said ” मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिबे-मंजिल मगर. लोग आते गए और कारवां बनता गया. –  मजरूह सुल्तानपुरी.”

“I started all alone towards the goal/(but) people kept joining and it began to turn into a caravan” This couplet by Majrooh Sultanpuri

Public Relations Management:

  1. I am always on the look out to connect with interesting and smart people – consulting entrepreneurs, purveyors of new Business, Projects, ideas, technologies & trends, or just to link to build a smaller, smarter, happier and kinder world. If you would like to connect, I would be really happy to hear from you. Just use this link to start a conversation…. Say Hello
  2. I also participate and speak at a variety of business gatherings, events and conferences, worldwide, and on various subjects of my interest. Happy to chat and see if I could be a part of your event… Send me a Speaker Invite
  3. Journalists, institutions, writers, Radio & TV channels, media companies, magazines and other bloggers frequently invite me for opinions, judgments, articles and thoughts on subjects of  social, youth, training, skills, latest trends, business, lifestyle, consultancy, politics, mutual interest or to write a piece for their medium. If you are one, and would want to brainstorm on an interesting subject…. Send me request for an Interview on +91 98293 08208

You can also connect via : @AKArvind Avinash K Arvind

Some Training Events Pictures:

Stammering Cure Classes 9829308208

Stammering Cure Classes

Dear, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Student, a Professional, a Doctor, a Corporate, an Engineer, a Writer, a Poet, a Teacher, a Leader, whatever but if you don’t know how to influence people with your ideas through Public Speaking you will not be heard.  So why not learn this best Performing Art for centuries by our above Professionals. We will prepare you within three hours and give you platform to speak. Your video recordings will be uploaded by us on our You Tube Channel. Happy Speaking!

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