Prakash Parnami – ACA, MIPA (AUS), AFA (UK), DIP IFRS (ACCA UK), LL.B, B.COM

August 21, 2018, PRAKASH PARNAMI was a client of Avinash K’S

Mr Avinash is a great personality. He is my mentor and always ready to help students and Corporate. He leaves no stone un-turned and makes experiential learning interesting. I wish him great success ahead…


A letter from a professional to an aspiring job seeker student, Gaurav Jain.

Dear friends,

I’m Gaurav Jain. I did my CMA from Jaipur Chapter & have recently taken CS final exam. I worked in Chennai, presently I’m working with Binani Cement; this is my second job. Its my experience that degrees, diplomas & Certificates are just tokens to enter Corporate. Its hard work coupled with Professionalism, leadership, Spoken English & Soft Skills that matter a lot to get promoted in a job.

Formal school & college education system lacks soft skills training in India. We as students try to learn these skills immediately after CA, CS or CMA professional exams one month prior to an interview in an haphazard way & 95% of us get rejected, rest settle with some mediocre jobs. Even if we manage to get a job in some Multinational, we somehow manage the expectation, the pressure to perform; we keep changing bosses & companies to satisfy our stupid ego without realizing that its us that lack skills & not the Company.

I was trained by Avinash Sir 3 years back for 3 months in English Phonetics & Interview Skills. He made me aware with a word of caution to continue learning throughout my career & life. In his words: “Learning stops at death. It would be wise to bring these skills in our daily lifestyle living blissfully. Whosoever interacts with us in work or life should be encouraged by our professionalism, personality, wisdom, humour, creativity, decisions, soft language, behaviour, attitude, working style, leadership approach, body language & clothing.”

Since Avinash Sir trains from CEOs to lower level Managers to students with equal ease. I wished to get trained by him further in soft skills but it remained a dream. I kept calling him these years for mentoring & consultancy and was satisfied with analysis and solutions. I’m really delighted that he is starting Online Consultancy & Training support for students, professionals & Corporate like us who need continuous training & consultancy.

My best wishes to Sir Avinash  for his professional initiative. His id on Skype is: Avinash Kumar Arvind


Gaurav Jain CMA

Binani Cement Ltd.


  • Hardik Ratan LashkariLooking for career opportunities in Risk Advisory & Internal Audit | Tax ConsultantJanuary 4, 2017, Hardik was a client of Avinash K’S

    One of the best speakers I have ever heard, Avinash Sir is a very humble Coach and has a pleasant personality. He is someone who would always make you feel comfortable while interacting. His interpersonal skills are par excellence. I highly recommend his professional services. Gratitude to existence..


  • Abhinav Jain

    Abhinav Jain

    Senior Financial Analyst at Novartis

    December 25, 2013, Abhinav was a client of Avinash K’S

    Mr Avinash Kumar Arvind is one of the finest motivational speaker I have come across….he makes sure that he is able to bring the best in you….helped a lot to develop my communication and public speaking skills…!!


  • Kuldeep Singh RanaTrainer | SpeakerMay 10, 2012, Avinash K was senior to Kuldeep but didn’t manage directly

    Mr. Arvind is one to learn the art of being from. Having him around surely is an educating experience- for trainees and colleagues alike. His insight around the training domain is impeccable and his executive style unique. His ease and wisdom reflects in his delivery; No wonder he has a great fan following amongst the gen-next movers and shapers of the corporate world!

    I have high regards for him and would strongly recommend his association.

    Godspeed Mr. Arvind!!


  • Vijay Gupta

    Vijay Gupta

    Assistant Manager-Student Relations at Times Pro a Division of Times of India

    May 18, 2011, Vijay worked with Avinash K but at different companies

    He is a very good corporate trainer, having very good training & coaching technique with him, easy and understandable.


Executive Coaching:

Avinash creates synergies with Top Corporate today for better Coaching to Executives tomorrow. High-potential employees are the key driver of an organization’s future success and performance-but who are these future leaders? Where do they come from and how are they developed?

In this short course, LinkedIn Influencer Avinash K Arvind, a top-level coach to CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, HODs, Managers, Professionals and Students outlines what companies must do to cultivate high potentials (Millennial & deserving) and what individuals can do to develop their high-potential selves: by pursuing skills, opportunities and focus.




Our IPA Posh English Courses for Global Professionals:

Open your doors to freedom & choice!

We Help top Professionals, Corporate & Businessman Speak IPA English & Enjoy Making Great Progress in their Life & Career!

‘Smart Minds English’ is the only scientific innovation that ensures every learner becomes fluent in English within six months. It uses world’s only IPA Spoken English Drills besides advanced learning theories and cutting edge technologies.

Why is Smart Minds English different?

Swimming can be learned ONLY by REAL swimming – not by mugging-up “Swimming Theories”.

Car driving can be learned ONLY by REAL driving – not by memorising “Driving Theories” by heart.

Similarly, Speaking of English can be acquired ONLY BY SPEAKING. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses the latest innovations to ENSURE learners speak! ‘Smart Minds English’ diminishes the all “failed methods” that competitors cheated students in the past.

‘Smart Minds English’ is different because:

It’s Speaking based, NOT grammar based. It uses Spoken English Workshops to make the learner speak. It employs patented feedback tools to improve grammar and enhance vocabulary. You will be surprised how learners respond to random, rapid questions on the spot in English!

It’s based on Content-based Instruction (Theme-based Learning) Methodology. The only way for an adult to acquire second language skills. Opportunity to acquire meaningful English skills through Technology, Science, Management, Witt Wisdom, Success Secrets, Love, Romance etc.

Everyone gets personalised lessons based on his/her current level of English – after analysing short-comings in English language – and his/her future ambitions.

It provides Contextual Feedbacks:

No feedback is actionable unless it is factual, timely and convincing. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses patented methodology to provide revealing, actionable feedbacks.

It Fine-tunes body-language and improves ‘Likeability’. Most crucial success factor as 80 to 90% of communication happens non-verbally. ‘Smart Minds English’ captures body-language for evaluation.

Why ordinary spoken English classes in the market fail?

Like school, they force you to mug-up disconnected grammar rules, and isolated vocabulary lists.

They have one-size-fits-all approach: Everybody gets the same lessons, irrespective of their current level.

Ordinary Classroom – teacher, board, marker pen and the failed methodology!

These classes don’t help compose meaningful responses on the spot in real life situations.

Irrelevant training material copied from the old grammar books of 1970s.

No motivation. No confidence. Old processes don’t bring any expectancy belief in students.

Low quality and high quantity. Most of the classes are run by unemployed unsuccessful people without any uniqueness to demonstrate Skills.

Customised programs for students, job seekers, job changers, corporate, executives, foreign travel aspirants, housewives etc

English learning is about 2000 crores business in India. Enter our course with full enthusiasm, uniqueness and innovation. There will not be any competition for ‘Smart Minds English’ uniqueness.


Our Training Methodology

When a Client approaches us we take these steps based on their needs discussed

Step 1. TNA Training Needs Analysis

Pre – Training

Conducting training Need Analysis using different TNA/TNI or Talent Management Tools in accordance with the management.

Understanding the organization’s need and thus designing training map.

Step 2. Inter Training Analysis

Periodically conducting Quick Assessment, e.g., let the employee explain the main points of what was just described to them.

Regular Feedback from the employees of our trainer with complete description.
Analyzing the training gap based on the feedback. It improves internal training level and thus increasing employee’s
Measuring enthusiasm and participation in training sessions.

Step 3. Post Training Analysis

Conducting a post Training assessment comparing results on pre-decided goals with Client’s
Written, verbal and video graphic pre & post assessments as per the module requirements.

Scientific testing will be done eg. on motivation, leadership etc. through psychometric analysis
Assigning an expert evaluator from client’s side or our side to evaluate the learner’s skills.


Smart Mind’s Training & Coaching methods and it’s Description:

1 Video & Multimedia presentations

It is used to make learning effective. Seeing is believing.

2 Lectures

It will be given along with printed notes on various learning topics.

3 Hands-on exercises

Based on typical situations faced by clients, various hands-on exercises will be given to

participants; feedback and reviews will be offered to enhance and develop skills.

4 Case studies

It helps in analyzing how well participants can implement the learning. This is

a requirement based methodology and depends upon the modules covered.

5 Situational Role Plays

It is used to demonstrate Communication and help participant develop a clear

understanding of concepts. This will help the participants with clear action plan.

6 Real Time Scenarios

The real time scenarios will be participants’ choice depending upon the module faced by candidates during daily activities.

7 Leadership & Motivation Games

Leadership games help the participants to introspect and look at the positive

and negative aspects of their own behavior.

8 Podium/ Stage Activities

Such activities under professional Coach encourage dare and improve Presentation and Public Speaking Skills.



This is where we answer the most common questions prospective customers might have.

1. What’s your work policy?

We provide professional Training and Consultancy Services against 50% advance payment. Once the event is booked no cancellation is permitted, only rescheduling is allowed.

2. Do you provide oversees services?

Yes, provided all the 5 Star boarding, lodging arrangements and terms of agreement made in one month advance. 50% fee payment made in advance & rest at the venue.

3. Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7/365

Office Hours 10 am to 5 pm India Time Call us on 0141 4914520

We are sharing the terms of our services to you. Thanks for trusting and showing interest in our work. We provide customized premium programs for corporate and individuals. We incorporate humorous learning & development and leave trainees with clear action plan.

For Personal Coaching:

Level 1   Global English for Students & Professionals

               Fees: INR 30,000/-   Duration: 150 Hours


S. No              English  Phonetics – Modules        Duration customized)
1. Introduction: Accents, MTI, Types & IPA 2 Hours
2. 44 Sounds 12 Hours
3. Syllables 2 Hours
4. Syllable Stress 4 Hours
5. Stress Shift in a word 4 Hours
6. Stress shift in a sentence 10 Hours
7. Voice Drills 10 Hours
8. 5000 Words & Sentences Drills 30 Hours
9. Nucleus 2 Hours
10. Intonation 4 Hours
11. Rhyme 2 Hours
12. Rhythm 2 Hours
13. Weak and Strong forms 2 Hours
14. Pauses and Sense groups 2 Hours
15. Tone; Rising and Falling 8 Hours
16. Exclamations 2 Hours
17. 2000 Sentences Drills 25 Hours
18. 500 Dialogues Drills 25 Hours
19. Fees: INR 30,000/-  for 150 Hours of Training 150 Hours



Campus to Corporate Program for students: MBA, B tech, CA, CS & CMA Fees INR 30,000/- Duration 50 Hours

Step 1 GD & Interview Skills: 20 Hours Step 2 Presentation Skills: 20 Hours Step 3   Personal Branding  10 Hours

1.    Resume & Cover Letter Writing

2.    Dress Code & Body Language

3.    Tone & Voice Correction

4.    Manners, Attitudes & expressions

5.    Understanding 50 Q. & traps

6.    Objection Handling

7.    Negotiation Skills & Follow-Ups

8.    Annual Reviews

9.    Exit Interviews

10.  LinkedIn Profiling

11.  One Video Resume


1.       PPT Making

2.       Organize Thoughts

3.       Script Writing

4.       Know Your Audience Levels

5.       Dealing Nervousness

6.       Vocalization

7.       Non-Verbal- Body Language

8.       Visual Aids

9.       Adaptation

10.   Mike handling

11.   Humor & Comments

12.   Closing One Demo Video


1.          Attitude & Aptitude

2.          Social & professional Etiquettes

3.          Body language & Grooming

4.          Art of Small Talk & Elevator pitches

5.          Networking – Hard & Soft

6.          Interpersonal Behavior

7.          EQ, IQ & BQ

8.          Timing and Time Management

9.          Confidence & Politeness

10.      Ethics & Management

11.      Playing Houseguest

12.      Table manners & eating out

13.      Protocol of various cultures    




 IELTS Course:

So hat you can prepare accordingly. Candidates can read the below information related to the same:-

Exam Name Total Duration SECTIONAL DURATION

Reading     Listening         Writing           Speaking

Conducting bodies Score Pattern
IELTS 2 hours 45 minutes


60 minutes 40 minutes 60 minutes 11 – 14 minutes British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).  


Band scale (0-9)

According to the IELTS 2018 test pattern, the Listening, Reading and Writing tests are conducted on one day while the speaking module may be taken on the same day or within seven days prior or after the test. Therefore, while choosing for a particular IELTS test date during the application process of IELTS, candidates should ensure he / she is available at the test centre on the given date pertaining to the Speaking test.


IELTS 2018 Syllabus

Following table shows the syllabus of IELTS 2018:-


IELTS Syllabus 2018: Section-wise

IELTS Test Component Brief Description
Listening (Same for Academic and General Training) Four sections, 40 items
Reading (Different for Academic and General Training) Three sections, 40 items
Writing (Different for Academic and General Training) Two tasks
Speaking (Same for Academic and General Training) Three-part one-on-one conversation


Level 2 for Students & Professionals  Fees: INR 30,000/- Duration: 100 Hours

Training Modules     Duration customized)
Interview Skills 40 Hours
Telephoning Skills 5 Hours
Meeting Skills 5 Hours
Dinning Etiquette, Manners & Grooming 5 Hours
Profiling- LinkedIn & email writing 5 Hours
Presentation Skills 20 Hours
Group Discussion 20 Hours
                     Fees: INR 30,000/- for 100 Hours of Training 100 Hours


Level 3 for Professionals, Corporate and Businessmen.

Communication, Leadership & Soft Skills Training:

Fees: INR 1,00,000/- for a Day’s Seminar – 5 Hours of Speaking or Training on any one topic given below:

S No Training Programs / Workshops S No Training Programs / Workshops
1. IPA Spoken English How to manage a ‘Difficult Boss’
2. Soft Skills Training Have to ‘Manage Dual Bosses’
3. Voice Coaching Want to improve effective ‘Delegation’
4. Communication Skills ‘Limited Resources… but huge expectations
5. Interpersonal Skills How to build ‘360degree Network’
6. Meeting Management ‘Feeling lonely’ – how to make Friends within
7. Public Speaking People ‘don’t mix and share’ freely with me
8. Sales Skills ‘Peers are jealous’ – how to win them
9. Attitude Correction Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
10. Personality Development You are ‘Under-performing’ – but can do better
11. Organisational Behaviour Need a ‘Promotion / bigger role’
12. Group Discussion Keen to ‘UN-learn’ and ‘Learn new performance’ tools
13. Interview Skills Sick of Current Job – seek an ‘Alternate Career’
14. Anger Management Your’ Performance is not getting due recognition’
15. Business Etiquette You ‘Work very hard’ but ‘Results are not coming’
16. Change Management Manage and Win People
17. Conflict Resolution After conflicts, you don’t know how to ‘Mend & Win back relations’
18. Emotional Intelligence You are good at tasking but ‘want to be a Coach’
19. Time Management Want to be seen as a ‘Mentor’ by my team
20. Strategic Management Not very comfortable ‘Managing Gender diversity’
21. Negotiation Skills Keen to ‘Inspire and Motivate’ your team’s performance
22. Presentation Skills Lack of ‘Trust and Confidence’
23. Interpersonal Skills How to manage ‘Difficult sub-ordinates’
24. Emotional Intelligence Seen as ‘Weak Boss’–how to change that image.
25. Stress Management Seamless Work Life Balance
26. Yoga & Meditation Practice Struggling to ‘Personal and Professional lives’ –

how to get the best of both the worlds!

27. Coaching Growth Categories Have ‘Fear of losing’ your job – what to do
28. Manage and Lead Self ‘Missing out on hobbies, social net work etc’
29. Enhance Inner Strength Not good at ‘Multi tasking’– how to improve
30. Excel as a Leader ‘Stressed out’; Health is under pressure
31. Powerful Communication ‘Demanding Boss and equally demanding family’ – how to manage
32. Manage in Workplace Lead Change and Transition
33. Accelerate Performance and Self Growth Nervous about getting into ‘Unfamiliar Industry / role’
34. Manage and Win People ‘Feeling stuck??? Seek an escape / alternate???
35. Seamless Work Life Balance Eternal dilemma of ‘Job Vs Business’ – which one to choose
36. Lead Change and Transition Scared of ‘Uncertainty’ – how to overcome
37. Thinking Capabilities Have lost ‘Passion and Energy levels’ – keen to regain
38. Master Soft Skills Thinking Capabilities
39. Manage and Lead Self Good at structured thinking but not at” Creative thinking’
40. Want to draw self ‘Vision, Goals & Priorities’ Want to improve ‘Strategic thinking’
41. Enhance ‘Self awareness’ – know your SWOT Good at Execution, but want to be good at ‘Strategy’ too
42. Want to over-come ‘Mid life crisis’ Good at doing same things consistently;

want to be ‘Innovative’

43. Challenges in ‘Living on my terms’ People ‘don’t Consult me for my Views’ –

want to add new perspective

44. Unable to ‘Walk the talk’ Want to be seen as a ‘Thought leader’
45. Surrounded with ‘Negativity’ – want to be out of it Keen to be seen as a ‘Cross industry leader’
46. Keen to build ‘Vibrant & Positive Image’ Master Soft Skills
47. Want to be a better ‘Time manager’ Be an ‘Effective 2way communicator’
48. Enhance Inner Strength Build stature of a ‘Genuine and Accessible’ leader
49. Suffering from ‘Fear of Failure’ Learn to ‘Read People’
50. Unable to control ‘Anger’ Winning ‘Interviews’ / ‘New people’
51. Personal / Professional ‘Insecurity’ hurting life How to ‘Treat every Individual’ differently
52. Excel as a Leader Enhance ‘Commitment from People’
53. Want to ‘Hire & retain’ the best team Hypnotherapy to manage stress, studies and work performance.
54. How to improve’ Mine & Team’s Performance? Hypnotherapy to manage career, relationships, life, sleep, addictions, habits, thoughts.
55. Seen as ‘Casual leader’ – change your image Hypnotherapy to manage phobias, anxiety etc From CEO to students, we all need it…
56. Seen as ‘Biased ‘ – how can you change & impact all Customized Topics…
57. Want to learn new and effective ‘Decision making skills’ How to manage a ‘Difficult Boss’
58. Struggling to ‘Lead people better than me’ Have to ‘Manage Dual Bosses’
59. Keen to build ‘Talented & result driven team’ Want to improve effective ‘Delegation’
60. Difficulties in ‘Managing team’; they don’t listen ‘Limited Resources… but huge expectations
61. Effective and Powerful Communication How to build ‘360degree Network’
62. Want to be an Influential ‘Public speaker’ ‘Feeling lonely’ – how to make Friends within
63. How to improve quality ‘Listening’? People ‘don’t mix and share’ freely with me
64. Enhance ‘Presentations’ skill ‘Peers are jealous’ – how to win them
65. ‘Manage Conflicts’ effectively Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
66. How to leave ‘Long lasting impact’ on my team You are ‘Under-performing’ – but can do better
67. ‘Appraisal and Feedback’ skills Need a ‘Promotion / bigger role’
68. Manage and Win in Work Place Keen to ‘UN-learn’ and ‘Learn new performance’ tools
69. Enhance ‘Problems solving’ skill sets


Avinash K Arvind – Our Founder & Director

Avinash  wears many hats. He is a Public Speaker, IPA English & Soft Skills Trainer, a Personal, Leadership & Business Coach. He coaches people for Public Speaking & Leadership. He writes & do Voice overs. He holds twenty five years of experience in Corporate & Organisations. He has widely traveled and delivered Seminars, Sessions, Workshops and Conferences. His vision is to see every deserving individual properly trained in Soft Skills.  He is the Founder and Director of Smart Minds Skills Academy Jaipur. He believes “Gratitude is the key….”



Neha Shrimali – Our Training Partner

Neha is a Dale Carnegie trained trainer and professionally skilled to deliver training programs and conduct workshops on competencies & behaviours required for the industrial needs of today. She has nine years of experience in Corporate. Her forte is Communication, Soft Skills, Behavioural Skills and Anti- Money Laundering. She is the owner of ‘The Parth Excellence’. It is a hub of education & various skill development programs for the college students wherein she contribute towards the knowledge building and soft skills development of the aspirants thereby making them employable.




A K Ojha IAS – Our Chairman

Arun Kumar Ojha has more than 40 years of Administrative, Training, Consulting & Coaching experience in different Departments of Government of Rajasthan. H of the Author of many Management Books and Expert in Content based Training.

He was Director of OTS – IAS Officers Training School, Jaipur & Director – Good Governance for 20 years. Smart Minds Skills Academy has brought laurels to the Training Sky of Corporate India under his guidance.




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Ashok Aatreye – Our Advisor

Ashok Aatreye is an International Personality. He has more than 40 years of experience as Consultant, Journalist, Writer, Columnist & Art Activist  in Top News and Media Agencies of India. He has created Art, written Novels and supports cultural activities. Smart Minds Skills Academy has brought laurels to the Training Sky of Corporate & Art under his guidance.





Services we provide to Students & Corporate Clients:

1. Business Communication
2. Voice Training & Global Accent
3. Soft skills training and Seminars
4. Management & Leadership skills
5. Behavioural Skills & Personality development
6. Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
7. Customized Corporate Training Services
8. International Cross Culture and Miscellaneous….
9. Campus to Corporate for freshers; Group Discussion & Interview skills, Speech, Acting & Debating Skills
10. Personal Coach, Counselling & Hypnotherapy.


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