Open an Innovative ‘Smart Minds English’! Help Everyone Speak IPA English & Enjoy Making Great Profits!

‘Smart Minds English’ is the only scientific innovation that ensures every student becomes fluent in English within six to eight weeks. It uses world’s only Spoken English Simulator besides advanced learning theories and cutting edge technologies.

Why is Smart Minds English different?

Swimming can be learned ONLY by REAL swimming – not by mugging-up “Swimming Theories”. Car driving can be learned ONLY by REAL driving – not by memorising “Driving Theories” by heart. Similarly, Speaking of English can be acquired ONLY BY SPEAKING. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses the latest innovations to ENSURE learners speak! ‘Smart Minds English’ diminishes the all “failed methods” that cheated students in the past and BUILDs expectancy belief and CONFIDENCE!

‘Smart Minds English’ is different because:

It’s Speaking based, NOT grammar based. It uses Spoken English Simulator to make the learner speak. It employs patented feedback tools to improve grammar and enhance vocabulary. You will be surprised how learners respond to random, rapid questions on the spot in English!

It’s based on Content-based Instruction (Theme-based Learning) Methodology. The only way for an adult to acquire second language skills. Opportunity to acquire meaningful English skills through Technology, Science, Management, Wit, Wisdom, Movies, Cricket, Success Secrets, Love, Romance etc.

It has Artificial Intelligence-based thorough Customization. Everyone gets personalised lessons based on his/her current level of English – after analysing short-comings in English language – and his/her future ambitions.

It provides Contextual Feedbacks. No feedback is actionable unless it is factual, timely and convincing. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses patented methodology to provide revealing, actionable feedbacks.

It Fine-tunes body-language and improves ‘Likeability’. Most crucial success factor as 80 to 90% of communication happens non-verbally. ‘Smart Minds English’ captures body-language for evaluation.

Why ordinary spoken English classes in the market fail?

Like school, they force you to mug-up disconnected grammar rules, and isolated vocabulary lists.

They have one-size-fits-all approach: Everybody gets the same lessons, irrespective of their current level.

Ordinary Classroom – teacher, board, marker pen and the failed methodology!

These classes don’t help compose meaningful responses on the spot in real life situations.

Irrelevant training material copied from the old grammar books of 1960s.

No motivation. No confidence. Old processes don’t bring any expectancy belief in students.

Low quality and high quantity. Most of the classes are run by unemployed unsuccessful people without any uniqueness to demonstrate.

Customised programs for students, job seekers, job changers, corporate, executives, foreign travel aspirants, housewives etc

English learning is about 2000 crores business in India. Enter this business with full of uniqueness and innovation. There will not be any competition for ‘Smart Minds English’ uniqueness.

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