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Meet our Team

We are writing something about the people who make our business go our philosophy behind customer service.  Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Charu Kantia

Our Training Partner

She is an MBA from Subodh Institute Jaipur. Charu has 5 years experience in training and coaching.


Avinash K Arvind

Our Founder & Director

Avinash  wears many hats. He is a Public Speaker, IPA English & Soft Skills Trainer, a Personal & Business Coach. He coaches people for Public Speaking & Acting. He writes & do Voice overs. He holds 25 years of experience in Corporate & Organisations.

He has widely traveled and delivered Seminars, Sessions, Workshops and Conferences. His vision is to see every deserving individual properly trained in Soft Skills.  He believes "Gratitude is the key...."

Neha Shrimali

Our Training Partner

Neha is a certified Soft Skills TOT from Dale Carnegie with 10 years of experience in Corporate. She is an MBA in Marketing and HR Management and MA in English Literature


CS Anshul Khandal 

Our Training Partner

CS, Freelancer, Talent, HR & Counselor General Counsel, recruiter at Freelancer H R at Right Lamp, Fair Deal Liquors Former Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Phenom Educational Consultants Pvt Ltd. She studied HR at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She has 5 years of work experience.



A K Ojha IAS

Our Chairman

Arun Kumar Ojha has more than 40 years of Administrative, Training, Consulting & Coaching experience in different Departments of Government of Rajasthan.

He was Director of OTS - Officers Training School, Jaipur & Good Governance for 20 years. Smart Minds Skills Academy has brought laurels to the Training Sky of Corporate India under his guidance.


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Ashok Aatreye

Our Training Partner & Consultant

Ashok Aatreye is an International Personality. He has more than 40 years of experience as Journalist, Writer, Columnist, Consultant & Art Activist  in Top News and Media Agencies of India.

Smart Minds Skills Academy has brought laurels to the Training Sky of Corporate & Art under his guidance.



Richa Mahendra

Our Training Partner

Richa is a Soft Skills Trainer & Management Consultant. She is working as a Practice Head at Finesse, Former HR Head at MTS India. She had HRM from Narsee Monjee, MBA from Poddar, Jaipur and has 15 years of work experience in Corporate.

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Our Training Methodology

When a Client approaches us we take these steps based on their needs discussed

Step 1. TNA Training Needs Analysis

Pre – Training

Conducting training Need Analysis using different TNA/TNI or Talent Management Tools in accordance with the management.

Understanding the organization’s need and thus designing training map.

Step 2. Inter Training Analysis

Periodically conducting Quick Assessment, e.g., let the employee explain the main points of what was just described to them.

Regular Feedback from the employees of our trainer with complete description.
Analyzing the training gap based on the feedback. It improves internal training level and thus increasing employee’s
Measuring enthusiasm and participation in training sessions.

Step 3. Post Training Analysis

Conducting a post Training assessment comparing results on pre-decided goals with Client’s
Written, verbal and video graphic pre & post assessments as per the module requirements.

Scientific testing will be done eg. on motivation, leadership etc. through psychometric analysis
Assigning an expert evaluator from client’s side or our side to evaluate the learner’s skills.

Smart Mind’s Training & Coaching methods and it’s Description:

1 Video & Multimedia presentations

It is used to make learning effective. Seeing is believing.

2 Lectures

It will be given along with printed notes on various learning topics.

3 Hands-on exercises

Based on typical situations faced by clients, various hands-on exercises will be given to

participants; feedback and reviews will be offered to enhance and develop skills.

4 Case studies

It helps in analyzing how well participants can implement the learning. This is

a requirement based methodology and depends upon the modules covered.

5 Situational Role Plays

It is used to demonstrate Communication and help participant develop a clear

understanding of concepts. This will help the participants with clear action plan.

6 Real Time Scenarios

The real time scenarios will be participants’ choice depending upon the module faced by candidates during daily activities.

7 Leadership & Motivation Games

Leadership games help the participants to introspect and look at the positive

and negative aspects of their own behavior.

8 Podium/ Stage Activities

Such activities under professional Coach encourage dare and improve Presentation and Public Speaking Skills.

Questionnaire for event bookings. Please answer to help us make your event a success:

Understanding the event
1. Tell me briefly about your event.
2. What are their objectives of the meeting/conference/workshop?
3. Who is organizing and sponsoring it?
4. Is this a one-day event, a one-hour event, a one-week event?
5. Who is your audience (seniority, profile, age)?
6. How much does the audience know about the topic?
7. What is happening to them in their world, how do they feel?
8. Is the audience paying to be there?
9. How many speakers do you have in total?
10. What is the attire that most folks wear to your event?

What do you expect from me?
1. Why do you think I am a good fit to speak to your audience?
2. What is the effect you want the talk will have on the audience?
3. What is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in the talk?
4. What kind of questions will I get in the Q & A?
5. Who are the other speakers and what will they talk about?

Managing expectations:
1. What’s your budget?
2. Who is your (the event organizer’s) favorite speaker?
3. What do you see as the short term and long term benefits?
4. What do you not want me to do on stage?
5. What do you want me to do on stage?

Interacting with the audience:

1. How can I connect with the audience afterwards?

2. Am I able to sell (books, products, programs) at this event?

3. Am I able to seed/share from the stage?

4. Can I offer handouts? If so, may I have your logo to add to them?

5. Can I meet and greet the attendees before the event either in the lobby or inside the room when they walk in?

6. Can I have the contact details of 3 critical people who will be in the audience? By contacting them, I can dig deeper in the challenges and successes of the organization or audience. This can help highly customize my talking by mentioning specific people in the audience and the issues they have, increasing my credibility and insider knowledge.

The technical setup:
1. Where is the event going to be? Is travel and accommodation covered?
2. Where in the event agenda would I be speaking?
3. How long is the talk supposed to be?
4. Tell me about the venue and the stage setup.
5. What kind of equipment will be provided? Is there are stage technician?
6. Will this be filmed or recorded?
7. What is the set up for slides? Other visuals?
8. What will happen before and after I take the stage?
9. Is there going to be something I should attend after the talk?

And the final, possibly the most important one: “When my speech/presentation/session is over, what information/feeling/action plan do you want participants to walk away with?”


This is where we answer the most common questions prospective customers might have.

1. What’s your work policy?

We provide professional Training and Consultancy Services against 50% advance payment. Once the event is booked no cancellation is permitted, only rescheduling is allowed.

2. Do you provide oversees services?

Yes, provided all the 5 Star boarding, lodging arrangements and terms of agreement made in one month advance. 50% fee payment made in advance & rest at the venue.

3. Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7/365

Office Hours 10 am to 5 pm India Time Call us on 0141 4914520

We are sharing the terms of our services to you. Thanks for trusting and showing interest in our work. We provide customized premium programs for corporate and individuals. We incorporate humorous learning & development and leave trainees with clear action plan.

Services we provide to Students & Corporate Clients:

1. Business Communication
2. Voice Training & Global Accent
3. Soft skills training and Seminars
4. Management & Leadership skills
5. Behavioural Skills & Personality development
6. Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
7. Customized Corporate Training Services
8. International Cross Culture and Miscellaneous….
9. Campus to Corporate for freshers; Group Discussion & Interview skills, Speech, Acting & Debating Skills
10. Personal Coach, Counselling & Hypnotherapy.

Terms of Services: Please follow the terms of Services & Payments.


  1. Only Senior Management people are eligible to contact or call, as they are the final decision makers.
  2. Specific or long time Annual hiring contracts will be considered.


Avinash is broadly available and willing to move & travel for the right business opportunity.

Booking & Payments:

Book Avinash by Fund Transfer or by Check, 100% deposit (Non-refundable, only rescheduling of the event is allowed) with the balance due at the event.

Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce

Account Name: Smart Minds Skills Academy

Account No: 04181132000555


Address: Near Harideo Joshi House, Ajmer Road, Purani Chungi, Jaipur

Boarding & Lodging:

Five Star hotel & Air Travel reservation taken care by the institution/Company

SN      Event Types - Duration - Charges
1. Five Days Corporate Training Event, Jaipur Only (Excluding, Breakfast, lunch & high Tea) 5 Hours Rs 20,000/- for each Day

2. One Day Corporate Training Event, Outstation Only (Excluding Boarding & Lodging)  5 Hours Rs 30,000/-

3. One hour Motivational Speaking Event at Jaipur Only  Rs 10,000/-

4. Two Hours Corporate Anchoring Event at Jaipur Only Fees Rs 20,000/-

5. Narration or Voice-over for Films & Documentaries: Click our Youtube link: https://youtu.be/wzjntoOh8Kk

Fees: For 30 Minutes - Rs 30,000/-

6. TV Advertisement on International Channel - Voice over- Per Second Rs 10,000/-

7. Life or Professional Personal Coaching session- Hypnosis if required on Phone or in Jaipur 120 Minutes Rs 5000/-

For International Clients our Rates differs. Our Services are par excellence. We look forward for a long and professional association with you and your esteemed company. Waiting to hear from you ASAP.


Avinash K Arvind

+91 9829308208

Founder & Director

Smart Minds Skills Academy, Jaipur

Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Contact Details:

email: ceo.smartminds@gmail.com

Cell: +91 9829308208

Address: Room No 20, Yog Sadhna Ashram, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, India 302015



Open an Innovative ‘Smart Minds English’! Help Everyone Speak IPA English & Enjoy Making Great Profits!

‘Smart Minds English’ is the only scientific innovation that ensures every student becomes fluent in English within six months. It uses world’s only IPA Spoken English Drills besides advanced learning theories and cutting edge technologies.

Why is Smart Minds English different?

Swimming can be learned ONLY by REAL swimming – not by mugging-up “Swimming Theories”.

Car driving can be learned ONLY by REAL driving – not by memorising “Driving Theories” by heart.

Similarly, Speaking of English can be acquired ONLY BY SPEAKING. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses the latest innovations to ENSURE learners speak! ‘Smart Minds English’ diminishes the all “failed methods” that competitors cheated students in the past.

‘Smart Minds English’ is different because:

It’s Speaking based, NOT grammar based. It uses Spoken English Workshops to make the learner speak. It employs patented feedback tools to improve grammar and enhance vocabulary. You will be surprised how learners respond to random, rapid questions on the spot in English!

It’s based on Content-based Instruction (Theme-based Learning) Methodology. The only way for an adult to acquire second language skills. Opportunity to acquire meaningful English skills through Technology, Science, Management, Wit, Wisdom, Success Secrets, Love, Romance etc.

It has Artificial Intelligence-based thorough Customization. Everyone gets personalised lessons based on his/her current level of English – after analysing short-comings in English language – and his/her future ambitions.

It provides Contextual Feedbacks:

No feedback is actionable unless it is factual, timely and convincing. ‘Smart Minds English’ uses patented methodology to provide revealing, actionable feedbacks.

It Fine-tunes body-language and improves ‘Likeability’. Most crucial success factor as 80 to 90% of communication happens non-verbally. ‘Smart Minds English’ captures body-language for evaluation.

Why ordinary spoken English classes in the market fail?

Like school, they force you to mug-up disconnected grammar rules, and isolated vocabulary lists.

They have one-size-fits-all approach: Everybody gets the same lessons, irrespective of their current level.

Ordinary Classroom – teacher, board, marker pen and the failed methodology!

These classes don’t help compose meaningful responses on the spot in real life situations.

Irrelevant training material copied from the old grammar books of 1960s.

No motivation. No confidence. Old processes don’t bring any expectancy belief in students.

Low quality and high quantity. Most of the classes are run by unemployed unsuccessful people without any uniqueness to demonstrate Skills.

Customised programs for students, job seekers, job changers, corporate, executives, foreign travel aspirants, housewives etc

English learning is about 2000 crores business in India. Enter this business with full enthusiasm, uniqueness and innovation. There will not be any competition for ‘Smart Minds English’ uniqueness.

Thanks & Regards

‘Smart Minds English’ Team

For Inquiries please call on +91 9829308208