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Smart Minds enjoy a brand in training Industry. Considering the service sector of India which has the largest share of India’s GDP, accounting for 60% in 2018. It is the seventh-largest service sector by GDP and third largest in the world when purchasing power is taken into account. The services sector provides employment to 30% of the work force of India. We have launched customised Training Programs exclusively for Service Sector. The primary goal of the ‘Service’ sector is to provide great customer service and fantastic experience

Service Sector :
1. Aviation
2. Banking and financial services
3. Financial technology
4. Information technology
5. Insurance
6. Electricity sector
7. Infrastructure
8. Retail
9. Tourism
10. Education
11. Entertainment industry
12. Healthcare
13. Logistics
14. Printing
15. Telecommunications
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Coaching & Training Services we provide to Students, Professionals, Executives & Corporate:
1. Business Communication
2. Voice Training & Global Accent
3. Soft skills training and Seminars
4. Management & Leadership skills
5. Behavioural Skills & Personality development
6. Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
7. Customized Corporate Training Services
8. International Cross Culture and Miscellaneous….
9. Campus to Corporate for freshers; Group Discussion & Interview skills, Speech, Acting & Debating Skills
10. Personal Coach, Counselling & Hypnotherapy.

Smart Mind’s Training & Coaching methods and it’s Description:

1 Video & Multimedia presentations

It is used to make learning effective. Seeing is believing.

2 Lectures

It will be given along with printed notes on various learning topics.

3 Hands-on exercises

Based on typical situations faced by clients, various hands-on exercises will be given to participants; feedback and reviews will be offered to enhance and develop skills.

4 Case Studies

It helps in analyzing how well participants can implement the learning. This is a requirement based methodology and depends upon the modules covered.

5 Situational Role Plays

It is used to demonstrate Communication and help participant develop a clear understanding of concepts. This will help the participants with clear action plan.

6 Real Time Scenarios

The real time scenarios will be participants’ choice depending upon the module faced by candidates during daily activities.

7 Leadership & Motivation Games

Leadership games help the participants to introspect and look at the positive and negative aspects of their own behavior.

8 Podium/ Stage Activities

Such activities under professional Coach encourage dare and improve Presentation and Public Speaking Skills.


This is where we answer the most common questions prospective customers might have.

1. What’s your work policy?

We provide professional Training and Consultancy Services against 50% advance payment. Once the event is booked no cancellation is permitted, only rescheduling is allowed.

2. Do you provide oversees services?

Yes, provided all the 5 Star boarding, lodging arrangements and terms of agreement made in one month advance. 50% fee payment made in advance & rest at the venue.

3. Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives are available to answer your questions 24/7/365

Office Hours: 10 am to 5 pm India Time Call our office on 0141 4914520

We are sharing the terms of our services to you. Thanks for trusting and showing interest in our work. We provide customized premium programs for corporate and individuals. We incorporate humorous learning & development and leave trainees with clear action plan.

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Smart Minds Skills Academy, Jaipur

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Address: Room No 20, Yog Sadhna Ashram, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, India 302015

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Alumni & Students placed:

Jeetendra with NEXA, Suzuki




Ravi, a practicing CA


Vibha Sen with Wipro


Himanshu with JVVNL, Jaipur


with Bank of Scotland






MY Cousin & Dentist Ruchi




Company Secretory Manoj


Jeetendra VFX, Animation & Studio-works


Girvar, Owns Shooting Academy in Jaipur


Akshey, Infosys



CS Sanjana with Standard & Poor’s

Tanveer with Deutsche Bank