Com., Leadership & Soft Skills Training

  1. IPA Spoken English
  2. Soft Skills Training
  3. Voice Coaching
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Interpersonal Skills
  6. Meeting Management
  7. Public Speaking
  8. Anchoring
  9. Acting, Media & Films
  10. Sales Skills
  11. Attitude Correction
  12. Personality Development
  13. Organisational Behaviour
  14. Group Discussion
  15. Interview Skills
  16. Anger Management
  17. Business Etiquette
  18. Change Management
  19. Conflict Resolution
  20. Emotional Intelligence
  21. Time Management
  22. Strategic Management
  23. Negotiation Skills
  24. Presentation Skills
  25. Interpersonal Skills
  26. Emotional Intelligence
  27. Stress Management
  28. Yoga & Meditation Practice
  29. Coaching Growth Categories
  30. Manage and Lead Self
  31. Enhance Inner Strength
  32. Excel as a Leader
  33. Effective and Powerful Communication
  34. Manage and Win in Work Place
  35. Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
  36. Manage and Win People
  37. Seamless Work Life Balance
  38. Lead Change and Transition
  39. Thinking Capabilities
  40. Master Soft Skills
  41. Manage and Lead Self
  42. Want to draw self 'Vision, Goals & Priorities'
  43. Enhance 'Self awareness' - know your SWOT
  44. Want to over-come 'Mid life crisis'
  45. Challenges in 'Living on my terms'
  46. Unable to 'Walk the talk'
  47. Surrounded with 'Negativity' - want to be out of it
  48. Keen to build 'Vibrant & Positive Image'
  49. Want to be a better 'Time manager'
  50. Enhance Inner Strength
  51. Suffering from 'Fear of Failure'
  52. Unable to control 'Anger'
  53. Personal / Professional 'Insecurity' hurting life
  54. Excel as a Leader
  55. Want to 'Hire & retain' the best team
  56. How to improve' Mine & Team's Performance?
  57. Seen as 'Casual leader' - change your image
  58. Seen as 'Biased ' - how can you change & impact all
  59. Want to learn new and effective 'Decision making skills'
  60. Struggling to 'Lead people better than me'
  61. Keen to build ‘Talented & result driven team’
  62. Difficulties in ‘Managing team’; they don’t listen
  63. Effective and Powerful Communication
  64. Want to be an Influential 'Public speaker'
  65. How to improve quality 'Listening'?
  66. Enhance 'Presentations' skill
  67. ‘Manage Conflicts' effectively
  68. How to leave ‘Long lasting impact’ on my team
  69. ‘Appraisal and Feedback' skills
  70. Manage and Win in Work Place
  71. Enhance 'Problems solving' skill sets
  72. How to manage a 'Difficult Boss'
  73. Have to 'Manage Dual Bosses'
  74. Want to improve effective 'Delegation'
  75. ‘Limited Resources… but huge expectations
  76. How to build '360degree Network'
  77. ‘Feeling lonely' - how to make Friends within
  78. People 'don’t mix and share' freely with me
  79. ‘Peers are jealous' - how to win them
  80. Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
  81. You are 'Underperforming' - but can do better
  82. Need a 'Promotion / bigger role'
  83. Keen to 'Un-learn' and 'Learn new performance' tools
  84. Sick of Current Job - seek an 'Alternate Career'
  85. Your' Performance is not getting due recognition'
  86. You 'Work very hard' but 'Results are not coming'
  87. Manage and Win People
  88. After conflicts, you don’t know how to 'Mend & Win back relations'
  89. You are good at tasking but ‘want to be a Coach'
  90. Want to be seen as a 'Mentor' by my team
  91. Not very comfortable ‘Managing Gender diversity’
  92. Keen to 'Inspire and Motivate' your team’s performance
  93. Lack of ‘Trust and Confidence'
  94. How to manage ‘Difficult sub-ordinates'
  95. Seen as 'Weak Boss'–how to change that image.
  96. Seamless Work Life Balance
  97. Struggling to 'Personal and Professional lives' - how to get the best of both the worlds!
  98. Have ‘Fear of losing' your job - what to do
  99. ‘Missing out on hobbies, social net work etc’
  100. Not good at ‘Multi tasking'– how to improve
  101. 'Stressed out'; Health is under pressure
  102. ‘Demanding Boss and equally demanding family’ – how to manage
  103. Lead Change and Transition
  104. Nervous about getting into 'Unfamiliar Industry / role'
  105. ‘Feeling stuck??? Seek an escape / alternate???
  106. Eternal dilemma of ‘Job Vs Business’ – which one to choose
  107. Scared of 'Uncertainty' - how to overcome
  108. Have lost 'Passion and Energy levels' - keen to regain
  109. Thinking Capabilities
  110. Good at structured thinking but not at" Creative thinking'
  111. Want to improve 'Strategic thinking'
  112. Good at Execution, but want to be good at ‘Strategy' too
  113. Good at doing same things consistently; want to be 'Innovative'
  114. People ‘don’t Consult me for my Views' - want to add new perspective
  115. Want to be seen as a 'Thought leader'
  116. Keen to be seen as a 'Cross industry leader'
  117. Master Soft Skills
  118. Be an ‘Effective 2way communicator’
  119. Build stature of a 'Genuine and Accessible' leader
  120. Learn to ‘Read People'
  121. Winning 'Interviews' / 'New people'
  122. How to ‘Treat every Individual' differently
  123. Enhance ‘Commitment from People’


CA, CS & CMA Business Consultancy

  1. Audit Services
  2. Joint Ventures
  3. Corporate Laws
  4. Projects Services
  5. Technology Laws
  6. Corporate Advisory
  7. Cost  Management
  8. Business Consultancy
  9. Project Management
  10. Research & Survey
  11. Logistics Consultancy
  12. Monitoring  & Evaluation
  13. Corporate Compliances
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions
  15. Privacy policies
  16. Approvals and reporting.
  17. Customer contracts
  18. Franchisee Development
  19. Standard agreements
  20. Franchisee agreements
  21. Refund/damages policies
  22. Website & terms of service
  23. Establishing R&D centres
  24. Managing consumer complaints
  25. Transfer pricing requirements
  26. Inter-corporate transactions
  27. Company secretarial compliances
  28. Board and shareholder meetings
  29. Director related compliances
  30. Intellectual Property Laws
  31. Social & Economic Welfare
  32. Project Management Unit
  33. Phase based/ Turnkey solution
  34. Expansion to new cities/countries
  35. Primary & Detailed Project Report
  36. Feasibility Study/Report
  37. Social & Economic Welfare
  38. Scheme design & implementation
  39. Foreign exchange related compliances
  40. Host of business related agreements
  41. Doing business in India as subsidiaries
  42. Private Equity – Fund Investments
  43. Water Supply & Waste Management
  44. Business-revenue models and pivots
  45. Sustainable Urban Development
  46. Corporate Law Advisory and Structuring
  47. Fund Formation – Onshore and Offshore
  48. Annual filings with ministry of corporate affairs
  49. Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Settlements
  50. Cross-Border Transactions and Foreign Exchange
  51. Environment Management
  52. Construction & Development
  53. Employment & Labour Laws
  54. CXO level strategic advisory
  55. structuring new businesses
  56. Manufacturing Consultancy
  57. HR & Business Consultancy
  58. Public Financial Reform
  59. Transportation Infrastructure Mapping

Information Technology Consultancy

  1. Advance - Fundraising System
  2. Audience View - Event Ticketing System
  3. Banner - Student Information System
  4. Box - File Collaboration and Storage System
  5. BWA - Blitz Web Access
  6. Chart String Lookup Tool- To identify valid chart strings for general ledger transactions
  7. COEUS - Post-Award Grant Management System
  8. Dartmouth Daily Updates - Mass Mail Announcements
  9. DA$H - Dining Room Charges
  10. Dart Pulse - System Status Reporting
  11. DORR - Online Review and Recruitment
  12. Email - Blitz and Microsoft Outlook
  13. Employee Self Service
  14. e Procurement - Online Catalog and Purchasing System
  15. ESG - Endowment Security Gifts System
  16. FAMIS - Work Order System
  17. Fixed Asset System - Capital Equipment Tracking System
  18. Flex Online - Online Benefits Administration
  19. fsa ATLAS - International Student/Employee System
  20. Fun driver - Endowment Funds System
  21. HRMS - Oracle Human Resources and Labor Distribution Management
  22. Hyperion Planning - Budgeting System
  23. IRA - Institutional Reporting and Analysis System
  24. Kronos- Electronic Timekeeping System
  25. com - Online Self-Paced Technology Courses
  26. Nolij Transfer - Banner Data Upload Tool
  27. Nolij Web - Paperless Admissions/Financial Aid System
  28. OGA - Oracle Grants Accounting
  29. OIM - Oracle Identity Management; NetID
  30. Omni Update - Web Content Management
  31. One Drive - File Collaboration and Storage System
  32. Online College Directory- Online directory of faculty, staff and students
  33. Open Suite - Student Health Tracking System
  34. Oracle Financials - Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounts Payable System
  35. P-Card System - Procurement Card System
  36. Private i
  37. RAPPORT - Electronic Research Administration System
  38. R Stor - Research Computing Shared File Storage System
  39. Service Now - IT Service Management System
  40. Service Works - Computer Store System
  41. SharePoint - Communication and Collaboration System
  42. Skype for Business- Instant Messaging, Audio/Video Chat, Online Meetings
  43. SPUD - Grant Account Journal Entry System
  44. Star Rez - Student Housing System
  45. Telephones - Desktop Phone System
  46. VPN - Virtual Private Network
  47. Web ADI - General Ledger Account Journal Entry System
  48. Yardi - Property Management System
  49. Topic:
  50. Administrative Applications
  51. Subtopic:
  52. Administrative Systems


As trusted advisors and outside in-house counsels, our services are wide ranging.

Compliance trackers: Build intensive and sustainable compliance frameworks for all applicable legislations, conducting due diligence.

Vendor contracts: Due-diligence; on boarding of vendors; contract management of various vendor contracts; drafting, negotiating, record maintenance of vendor contracts.

We will practice in specialized courts such as Law Tribunal, Legal notices, dispute resolutions.

Through our extensive network of affiliates of tax consultants, law firms across India and investment bankers, we will provide seamless services...

Who should seek out SMART MINDS Consulting?

Anyone can benefit from our consulting. However, we notice that SMEs, businesses, Corporate Houses, NGOs, Govt Departments with marketing teams of five to thousand or more tend to get the most from our custom engagement.

How SMART MINDS consulting will work?

All custom engagements begin with a kickoff call so that an SMART MINDS consultant can assess your specific marketing needs. From there, your SMART MINDS team will work with you to develop a custom plan to take your marketing to the next level.

How can I get in touch with someone about SMART MINDS Consulting?

Just fill out the form request on our website to get more information from a member of our Consulting team.

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General Terms & Conditions

We may choose to change any personnel assigned to your account or the Consulting Services at any time for any or no reason. Unless otherwise agreed or specified in the applicable description, all Consulting Services are performed remotely.

For Consulting Services performed onsite:

(i) you will reimburse us our reasonable cost for all expenses incurred in connection with the Consulting Services

(ii) we may update the date and/or location at any time, regardless of whether a date and/or location is specified in your Order.

Changes allowed:

If we update the date and/or location after purchase, we will notify you. Consulting Services are non-cancellable and all fees for Consulting Services are non-refundable. Only rescheduling is allowed.

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