Stammer Treatment

For Stammer:

LET’S UNDERSTAND: The success rate of Stammer Treatment is upto 70%

Aren’t you interested to get rid of social embarrassment due to stammering at your job & work; the pain & frustration you are going through. Would you like to solve this problem & increase your social acceptability? We at Smart Minds can support you.


One of the major reasons of your stammering is unfortunate psychological suppression of voice during your childhood caused by unhealthy parenting. This can be healed now by Hypnotherapy sessions.


Further your voice can be stabilized by our smart techniques:

  1. Right training
  2. Daily Motivation
  3. Guided Meditation
  4. Breathing Techniques
  5. Breathing Exercises
  6. Sounds Drills
  7. Words Drills
  8. Sentences Drills
  9. Software Testing
  10. Voice Correction
  11. Weekly Tests


You can join our two months course and decrease your stammering up to 50 %. We will give you telephonic or online video support further to remove it completely by continuing the exercises at home for next three months. We have twenty years of experience in training people.

God bless you

Sir Avinash K Arvind

Founder & Director

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