We welcome you to our Training business but before that:

Fill this Questionnaire to help us make your event a success:

Understanding the event
1. Tell me briefly about your Training or Speaking event.
2. What are their objectives of the meeting/conference/workshop?
3. Who is organizing and sponsoring it?
4. Is this a one-day event, a one-hour event, a one-week event?
5. Who is your audience (seniority, profile, age)?
6. How much does the audience know about the topic?
7. What is happening to them in their world, how do they feel?
8. Is the audience paying to be there?
9. How many speakers do you have in total?
10. What is the attire that most folks wear to your event?

What do you expect from me?
1. Why do you think I am a good fit to speak to your audience?
2. What is the effect you want the talk will have on the audience?
3. What is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed in the talk?
4. What kind of questions will I get in the Q & A?
5. Who are the other speakers and what will they talk about?

Managing expectations:
1. What’s your budget?
2. Who is your (the event organizer’s) favorite speaker?
3. What do you see as the short term and long term benefits?
4. What do you not want me to do on stage?
5. What do you want me to do on stage?

Interacting with the audience:

  1. How can I connect with the audience afterwards?
  2. Am I able to sell (books, products, programs) at this event?
  3. Am I able to seed/share from the stage?
  4. Can I offer handouts? If so, may I have your logo to add to them?
  5. Can I meet and greet the attendees before the event either in the lobby or inside the room?
  6. Can I have the contact details of 3 critical people who will be in the audience? By contacting them, I can dig deeper in the challenges and successes of the organization or audience. This can help highly customize my talking by mentioning specific people in the audience and the issues they have, increasing my credibility and insider knowledge.


The technical setup:
1. Where is the event going to be? Is travel and accommodation covered?
2. Where in the event agenda would I be speaking?
3. How long is the talk supposed to be?
4. Tell me about the venue and the stage setup.
5. What kind of equipment will be provided? Is there are stage technician?
6. Will this be filmed or recorded?
7. What is the set up for slides? Other visuals?
8. What will happen before and after I take the stage?
9. Is there going to be something I should attend after the talk?

And the final, possibly the most important one: “When my speech/presentation/session is over, what information/feeling/action plan do you want participants to walk away with?”



 Pay & Book 50% a month in advance, Non-refundable; only rescheduling allowed.

S No  Program or Event Types Duration Fees
1. A Day of Speaking, Consulting  or Training 3 Hours INR 30,000/-
2. Personal Coaching or Hypnotherapy 1 Hour INR 10,000/-
3. Narration or Voice-over for Films & Documentaries

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60 Minutes INR 1,00,000/-
4. TV or Online Advertisement 10 Seconds INR 1,00,000/-
5. Professional Executive Coaching 60 Minutes INR 20,000/-

Terms of Services: Please follow the terms of Services & Payments.


  1. Only Senior Management people are eligible to contact or call, as they are the final decision makers.
  2. Specific or long time Annual hiring contracts will be considered.


Avinash is broadly available and willing to move & travel for the right business opportunity.

Booking & Payments:

Book Avinash by Fund Transfer or by Check, 100% deposit (Non-refundable, only rescheduling of the event is allowed) with the balance due at the event.

Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce

Account Name: Smart Minds Skills Academy

Account No: 04181132000555


Address: Near Harideo Joshi House, Ajmer Road, Purani Chungi, Jaipur

Boarding & Lodging:

Five Star hotel & Air Travel reservation taken care by the institution/Company*

*For overseas Clients our rates differs. Write us for details.




For Corporate:

Level 3 for Professionals, Corporate and Businessmen – Communication, Leadership & Soft Skills Training:

Fees: INR 50,000/- for a Seminar of 5 Hours on any one topic given below:

S No Training Programs / Workshops S No Training Programs / Workshops
1. IPA Spoken English How to manage a ‘Difficult Boss’
2. Soft Skills Training Have to ‘Manage Dual Bosses’
3. Voice Coaching Want to improve effective ‘Delegation’
4. Communication Skills ‘Limited Resources… but huge expectations
5. Interpersonal Skills How to build ‘360degree Network’
6. Meeting Management ‘Feeling lonely’ – how to make Friends within
7. Public Speaking People ‘don’t mix and share’ freely with me
8. Sales Skills ‘Peers are jealous’ – how to win them
9. Attitude Correction Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
10. Personality Development You are ‘Under-performing’ – but can do better
11. Organisational Behaviour Need a ‘Promotion / bigger role’
12. Group Discussion Keen to ‘UN-learn’ and ‘Learn new performance’ tools
13. Interview Skills Sick of Current Job – seek an ‘Alternate Career’
14. Anger Management Your’ Performance is not getting due recognition’
15. Business Etiquette You ‘Work very hard’ but ‘Results are not coming’
16. Change Management Manage and Win People
17. Conflict Resolution After conflicts, you don’t know how to ‘Mend & Win back relations’
18. Emotional Intelligence You are good at tasking but ‘want to be a Coach’
19. Time Management Want to be seen as a ‘Mentor’ by my team
20. Strategic Management Not very comfortable ‘Managing Gender diversity’
21. Negotiation Skills Keen to ‘Inspire and Motivate’ your team’s performance
22. Presentation Skills Lack of ‘Trust and Confidence’
23. Interpersonal Skills How to manage ‘Difficult sub-ordinates’
24. Emotional Intelligence Seen as ‘Weak Boss’–how to change that image.
25. Stress Management Seamless Work Life Balance
26. Yoga & Meditation Practice Struggling to ‘Personal and Professional lives’ –

how to get the best of both the worlds!

27. Coaching Growth Categories Have ‘Fear of losing’ your job – what to do
28. Manage and Lead Self ‘Missing out on hobbies, social net work etc’
29. Enhance Inner Strength Not good at ‘Multi tasking’– how to improve
30. Excel as a Leader ‘Stressed out’; Health is under pressure
31. Powerful Communication ‘Demanding Boss and equally demanding family’ – how to manage
32. Manage in Workplace Lead Change and Transition
33. Accelerate Performance and Self Growth Nervous about getting into ‘Unfamiliar Industry / role’
34. Manage and Win People ‘Feeling stuck??? Seek an escape / alternate???
35. Seamless Work Life Balance Eternal dilemma of ‘Job Vs Business’ – which one to choose
36. Lead Change and Transition Scared of ‘Uncertainty’ – how to overcome
37. Thinking Capabilities Have lost ‘Passion and Energy levels’ – keen to regain
38. Master Soft Skills Thinking Capabilities
39. Manage and Lead Self Good at structured thinking but not at” Creative thinking’
40. Want to draw self ‘Vision, Goals & Priorities’ Want to improve ‘Strategic thinking’
41. Enhance ‘Self awareness’ – know your SWOT Good at Execution, but want to be good at ‘Strategy’ too
42. Want to over-come ‘Mid life crisis’ Good at doing same things consistently;

want to be ‘Innovative’

43. Challenges in ‘Living on my terms’ People ‘don’t Consult me for my Views’ –

want to add new perspective

44. Unable to ‘Walk the talk’ Want to be seen as a ‘Thought leader’
45. Surrounded with ‘Negativity’ – want to be out of it Keen to be seen as a ‘Cross industry leader’
46. Keen to build ‘Vibrant & Positive Image’ Master Soft Skills
47. Want to be a better ‘Time manager’ Be an ‘Effective 2way communicator’
48. Enhance Inner Strength Build stature of a ‘Genuine and Accessible’ leader
49. Suffering from ‘Fear of Failure’ Learn to ‘Read People’
50. Unable to control ‘Anger’ Winning ‘Interviews’ / ‘New people’
51. Personal / Professional ‘Insecurity’ hurting life How to ‘Treat every Individual’ differently
52. Excel as a Leader Enhance ‘Commitment from People’
53. Want to ‘Hire & retain’ the best team Hypnotherapy to manage stress, studies and work performance.
54. How to improve’ Mine & Team’s Performance? Hypnotherapy to manage career, relationships, life, sleep, addictions, habits, thoughts.
55. Seen as ‘Casual leader’ – change your image Hypnotherapy to manage phobias, anxiety etc From CEO to students, we all need it…
56. Seen as ‘Biased ‘ – how can you change & impact all Customized Topics…
57. Want to learn new and effective ‘Decision making skills’ How to manage a ‘Difficult Boss’
58. Struggling to ‘Lead people better than me’ Have to ‘Manage Dual Bosses’
59. Keen to build ‘Talented & result driven team’ Want to improve effective ‘Delegation’
60. Difficulties in ‘Managing team’; they don’t listen ‘Limited Resources… but huge expectations
61. Effective and Powerful Communication How to build ‘360degree Network’
62. Want to be an Influential ‘Public speaker’ ‘Feeling lonely’ – how to make Friends within
63. How to improve quality ‘Listening’? People ‘don’t mix and share’ freely with me
64. Enhance ‘Presentations’ skill ‘Peers are jealous’ – how to win them
65. ‘Manage Conflicts’ effectively Accelerate Performance and Self Growth
66. How to leave ‘Long lasting impact’ on my team You are ‘Under-performing’ – but can do better
67. ‘Appraisal and Feedback’ skills Need a ‘Promotion / bigger role’
68. Manage and Win in Work Place Keen to ‘UN-learn’ and ‘Learn new performance’ tools
69. Enhance ‘Problems solving’ skill sets



1. What’s your work policy?

We provide professional Training and Consultancy Services against 50% advance payment. Once the event is booked no cancellation or refund is permitted; only rescheduling is allowed.

2. Do you provide oversees services?

Yes, provided all the 5 Star boarding, lodging arrangements and terms of agreement made in one month advance. 100% fee payment made in advance & rest at the venue.

3. Do you have customer service?

Yes. Our professionally trained customer services representatives are available to answer your questions 365 days a year.

Office Hours: 8 am to 8 pm India Time

Office No: 0141 4914520 or +91 98293 08208

We are sharing the terms of our services to you. Thanks for trusting and showing interest in our work. We provide customized premium programs for corporate and individuals. We incorporate humorous learning & development and leave trainees with clear action plan.


Avinash K Arvind

Founder & Director

Smart Minds Skills Academy, Jaipur


Our Contact Details:


Cell: +91 9829308208 or +91 9680888885

Address: Room No 20, Yog Sadhna Ashram, University Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur, India 302015

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