Training Methodology at our Academy

We provide training & consultancy to students, professionals, businessmen & leaders who want to rise. Our high content programs are motivational in style & tone. Our Academy conducts in House Sessions in Companies, Institutions & NGOs.

Avinash Sir is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer- English-Phonetics, Sales and Soft Skills, Life Coach, Anchor, Hypnotherapist, Script Writer, Module Maker, Copy Editor, Business Consultant, a Car/Bike Designer & Director, Smart Minds Skills Academy. He is a much sought after Keynote Speaker, Prolific Orator and Motivator. He trains and inspires students & professionals in helping them realize their true potential skills, nurture them in their Career and life with a clear action plan.

From CEO to Lower level Management, he takes the world in his stride. He is spontaneous & enriches delivery with a touch of humor. He has taken his dynamic personal messages across India. Thousands of students/professionals have benefited from his dynamic workshops across India and people have heard him as a Keynote Speaker. He has been given wide press coverage.  Mr A K Ojha-IAS Retd. is the Chairman of Smart Minds Skills Academy.

Our USPs:

Environment: We provide open learning environment to our learners.

Learning Choices: Students can choose any open learning method; Lecture, Audio-Visual, Internet, Acting, Role-play, Speech, Movie, games, puzzles, crosswords, matching, word building etc

Collaboration: Learners collaborate when they interact with each other

Communication: Target communication is easily achieved since individual energy flows.

Critical Thinking: Learners develop Critical Thinking

Creativity: Learners create dialogue, speech script, mimicry, role-plays, dialogues, discussion, narrate, describe pictures, videos, events, memories, experiences, imaginations, presentations, situation & storytelling etc


Human Brain Analysis – Man vs. Woman

Personality traits                            Woman                         Man
Multitasking Yes No
Multiple language learning ability Highest Lowest
Analytical skills Lowest Highest
Car driving. Slow to medium Can drive fast
Lye catching Fastest Slowest
Problem solving speed is the; lowest (cries & shares, then go to sleep) fastest on the basis of classification
Vision 180 degrees, good for overall image Tunnel vision, good for analysis
Wants relationship, friends, family, etc status, success, solutions, big process, etc
If unhappy with; their relations, they cannot concentrate on their work. their work, they cannot concentrate on the relations
Speech Uses indirect language Uses direct language
Handling emotion Women talk a lot without thinking Men act a lot without thinking

 Man & Woman complement each other and make life worth living, so no prejudices please!  Enjoy your gifts. God Bless You!

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